Emotion 1


juttamuller.com -© JUTTA MULLER 2014 – OIL ON LINEN -2012/13 AUSTRALIA-90CM X 120CM

Emotion 2


http://juttamuller.com © JUTTA MULLER/ MIXED MEDIA ON LINEN 2013 /100CM X150CM /2014 /AUSTRALIA/100CM X130CM

Emotion 3


http://juttamuller.com © JUTTA MULLER 2014/ 53 CM X 78 CM/ Copyright. OIL ON LINEN/ 2014 AUSTRALIA

Emotion 4 


https://juttamuller.com/ © JUTTA MULLER/ACRYLIC ON LINEN 2013/14 AUSTRALIA/95CM X130CM

Emotion 5 


http://juttamuller.com © JUTTA MULLER/ 2014/ 100CM X 130CM/ MIXED MEDIA ON LINEN/ 2014 AUSTRALIA/ 100CM X 120CM

Emotion 6 


http://juttamuller.com /© JUTTA MULLER OIL ON LINEN/ 2014 AUSTRALIA/ 68CM X 75CM

Copyright © 2014 | Jutta MULLER Paris-Australia | All rights reserved. | https://juttamuller.com/ |Reproduction of content on this site is forbidden without the express permission of the artist|

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