Painting has always been part of my life going back to my childhood growing up in an artistic family who was involved in music & painting.

I express my emotion and my need for total expressive freedom for more than 20 years though my paintings.

painting jutta muller

I start with a painting idea an impulse, usually derived from my own world.

Though sometimes images may emerge from some chord in my unconscious, the way a dream might be.

Sometimes we are able to see figures which Iā€™m not aware of. I choose colours of intense black, blue, reds, etc.

The chemistry of pigments is interesting, like bone black is made from charred bones of horns.

Sometimes I wonder laying in a black strip, will it absorb the light, will it absorb deeper, darker and darker before me.

Only love for painting in this instance is able to cover the fearful void.

A fresh white canvas is a void as is the poets sheet of blank white paper.

Living through this forces, this red blue and black reveal them self, forcefully, always able to create a vision, a partition, an intelligence, a language, a music.

ā€œ Painting is a way of thinking that like music, tends to become its own object. ā€

Inspired by Motherwell, Frankenthaler, Tapies, Georg Baselitz.

I reject the convention of easel painting. Mostly I work on the floor, alternatively I start on the floor, finish large canvases on the wall.

Even in those paintings where an image unconsciously develops, a certain kind of experience is usually necessary in order to perceive.